Eye Candy 4000


 Eye Candy 4000 is probably the most useful Photoshop plug-in set to date. The Eye Candy filters are a great foundation for any filter collection because they’re the kind of blue-collar, hard-working, tried-and-true effects that are used again and again in the kinds of tasks that the working Web artist does every day.
 The collection includes 23 distinct filters, allowing artists to add effects in a few clicks that could otherwise take a few hours. Eye Candy 4000 is so straightforward and powerful that experts and novices alike will be able to create stunning results in short time.
 Eye Candy is must-have for any serious designer, as well as a great toy for those just starting out in graphic design. Compared to the default Photoshop filters, the flexibility Eye Candy gives you is a huge bonus. What makes Eye Candy unique in the myriad sets of Photoshop filters available today is that it combines practical effects like its glows, shadows, and bevels - which many filter programs contain - with great effects like Fire, Smoke, Chrome and Wood.



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